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Bushy Park Info

Bushy Park is the second largest of London’s Royal Parks (445 hectares)

It is an enclosed park, which seems to be secure, looking at the gate entrance and exit gates which are self closing.  

There is vast space for dogs to run around and sniff to their hearts content. 

Be wary of:

  • Wild deer roam freely in the park, and signs warn you to stay at least 50m away. The birthing season is in May through to July, and their mating season is from  September to October. If you choose to walk your dog at these times, you are advised that you do so at your own risk, and that you should walk the outer perimeter and keep your dog on lead.


Dogs are allowed on lead:

  • Where Deer Are In Close Proximity
  • The water gardens 
  • Near Water

Dogs are not allowed:

  • The Water Gardens 
  • Inside The Cafe
  • Children’s Playground

Dog waste should be placed in a tightly sealed bag and deposited in the bins marked for dog waste or general bins or taken home.


Hampton Ct Rd, Hampton TW12 2EJ


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Fair size car park near the cafe. Limited parking in nearby area.


Dogs are allowed on lead in the outside seating area only.

Drinking Water For Dogs

There are buckets that can be filled by a fountain in the cafe area.


Toilet facilities are located at the cafe area.

Opening /Closing

9am till dusk.
For times during the cull click on the icon

Bushy Park

map Of Area

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