Dog Petitions

dog petitions

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the government will respond to the petition

Petitions created by caring individuals are in need of your support. 

There are plenty of horrific graphic pictures and videos on the internet that show the suffering dogs in the wrong hands endure. Most of these are heart breaking and sickening beyond belief. 

We can’t face the pictures because they’re too upsetting, so we bypass what is going on, and forget – yet somewhere out there, there are dogs that can’t forget.

Dog Petitions

These dogs need our help, and all it takes is a few moments of your time, to add your name to a petition.

We won’t upset you with the images, we just ask that you make the time to make a difference, and help the dogs that need you now.

Here you will find a selection of current petitions that will improve a dog’s life.

Just by adding your signature to one of these petitions shows that you care. The petition may not see the light of day, but your support will help it on its way.  

If even just one of these petitions makes it to Parliament, it will make a world of difference  to the dogs that are crying for our help.

Thank you –  for taking the time to make a difference today.