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Dog-napping has escalated  by a whopping 170% in comparison to 2019. Dog Lost say that 2020 was their worst year on record and it’s only getting worse. Three months into 2021 and dog thefts were up by 50% 

The lockdown dog boom has seen prices sky rocket astronomically with people paying atleast five times the usual price to own a dog. Dog-nappers are ceasing the opportunity to cash in and sell stolen dogs online, to unsuspecting dog lovers or breed them. 

Dogs have been taken from people walking their dogs, from gardens, drive ways, outside shops, from cars, from homes. People have been punched to the ground, held to the ground and even cut to release their dogs to criminals. Microchips have been cut out, and dogs coats dyed so they look like a different dog. It’s a scary time.

Although we would argue that our dogs are part of our family, as the law stands  those who steal animals can currently be punished in the same way as someone who steals a mobile phone. Pets are classed as “property” under the theft act 1968. 

250,000 signatures were collected on three petitions calling for pet law reform, yet the Government have rejected creating a new pet theft law.

Pet theft can be a truly devastating and distressing experience and I hope you never have to go through it.

Click on the Dog Theft Prevention handy check list below of the dog theft prevention tips to help keep your dog safe, as well as the anti theft deterrent suggestions that are worth thinking about. Links to find and purchase any of interest are in the titles.

Make sure your dog is microchipped and that you keep your contact details up-to-date, especially if you move house or change your telephone number.  Pet log recently was accused of losing customer data – so double check with your company to make sure your details aren’t someone elses!

There is a list of data companies with contact links on our lost dogs page  

Your dog should always wear a collar and ID tag with your name and address on it. This is a legal requirement when your dog is in a public place. ( Thieves will remove this, but if your dog is lost, it’ll come back to you sooner)

Take photos of your dog from different angles, including any unusual markings or scars as a record and incase you need it for posters to help locate your dog and it’s safe return.

Take recent photos of you with the dog in the picture to keep as a record and proof the dog is yours.

Vary your dog walking routine and where you walk. Walk together with someone else if possible at different times. Keep to more public areas as opposed to off the beaten track.

Do Not leave your dog outside a shop alone.

Do Not leave your dog inside a car.

Do Not leave your dog alone in the front or back garden or on the drive.

If your dog doesn’t have a reliable recall, then keep him on a long line or an extendable lead, and practice.

Don’t let your dog take treats from anyone but you on your walk. If they get use to this, a thief can easily lure your dog away with a treat.

Don’t give out too much information about your dog to an inquisitive stranger at the local dog park. If your dog is off lead and you are approached call your dog and get him on lead straight away. This could be a ploy to distract you.

Don’t use your phone while walking your dog. Keep your eyes on your dog.

Have your deterrents immediately to hand in an OUTSIDE pocket. (A pocket size tin of hair spray in your pocket / bag could come in handy – Its for my hair officer!)

If using a dog walker, dog sitter, dog boarding – make sure you use a reputable licensed company and check any references.

Dog spaying & neutering – A thief probably won’t be around long enough to check whether your dog is, and might not know to look, or be able to tell. You may consider a coat, collar or lead like the one mentioned below,  personalised with your own words.  You can write ” neutered” even if your dog isn’t, to deter thieves.

I’ve seen people recommend you consider tattooing your dog – shock horror! I know these are desperate times, but that’s just wrong in every sense, and very painful. Don’t do it. See the Farb-gel below instead. You can spray your dog with this red spray to mark it. It will take sometime, approx a week apparently, to come off and could stop a thief targeting your dog for a quick sale. You may even consider going to a creative dog groomers and dyeing your dog’s coat temporarily with non toxic dye in some funky colour. Your dog would stand out too much for a thief.

Consider Joining or starting a whatsapp group in your local area for fellow dog walkers incase of emergency.

Social Media

Check your settings on Facebook, and make sure only your “friends” can see your posts.

Don’t advertise where and when you are going for your dog walk and don’t give any specific details of your dog or of your address.

Be careful of things like #dogchallenge where you write down long lists of all the things your dog likes and does that are plastered all over social media.

Make sure any dog groups you are in are ” Private” and not ” Public” You never know who is looking.

London Dog Family is a private group.

Dog Theft Prevention - Detterents


Steel cable and combination locks

Petloc, originally designed for short use outside shops and in cars. 


The collar is a flexible braided steel cable 

An uncuttable, unreleasable dog leash and collar that will fit any dog above 4kg in weight.

The collar is a flexible braided steel cable covered in a protective outer covering for comfort and spread of any localised pressure around your dogs neck. 


PVC coated Galvanised Steel Rope

Designed with a 2 x 2-3mm PVC coated Galvanised Steel Rope (7×7) core covered in a soft 25mm webbing. You can make the handle tight on your wrist for added ‘snatch’ protection.

Pair this lead with our (25mm) dog walking belt by clipping the lead to the walking belt with the O ring on the handle and a tactical carabiner


 with steel cable and combination locks

Simply attach it to your pet’s collar and track their location and activity on your phone in real-time, without any subscription.

A thief would obviously remove this, but if your dog just runs off and gets lost by its self, this could be invaluable.


 with steel cable and combination locks

Easy to Use: Simply pull out the pin in one hand and let out the piercing sound to disorientate an attacker or scare away attackers during an emergency.

140 DB sound is loud enough to attract attention and deter any attacker. Audible up to 500feet (150 m) away.


Police Cam with Night Vision

★ Portable Size ★ : Perfect wearable miniI size: 2.16in x 1.96in x 1.4in. 

★ Long Battery Life ★ : This small body camera comes with a built-in high-quality 800mAh rechargeable battery, which can provides 4-6 hours of video recording.

★ Easy to use and night vision ★ : You do not need to buy additional memory card, as this camera is built-in a 32G TF card.


Made from mild steel & coated in chrome plate

Dog-G8 is a versatile safety barrier made from mild steel, that keep dogs safe and secure when you open your front door. 


A red marker spray that stays on skin and clothes

Non toxic, water based, safe for humans and dogs

Recommended for carrying one of these sprays is to mark your dog in the events leading up to a suspected attack/theft and making it undesirable to a thief. 

Press top to release a spray of red gel onto the attackers face or clothing, this gives you vital seconds to escape. The Farb-Gel will dye the assailants face and clothes for up to SEVEN days no matter how hard they try to wash and remove it. Farb-Gel is eye safe and will leave no lasting or permanent damage to an attackers eyes.


A red marker spray that stays on skin and clothes

Consider getting a personalised dog coat with your own wording to deter thieves, such as, ” I’m neutered. ” 


Compatible with Alexa and Google Home

1080P FHD & 12 infrared lights provide you crisp image day and night.355°horizontal and 110°vertical rotation range, you just need one wifi camera to cover all corners you want to monitor.

motion detection,body tracking and 2-way audio,