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Why Foster a Dog?

If you’ve had a dog before, have time on your hands, and the space for a temporary guest, fostering may be an option for you. Especially if you really love dogs but can’t commit to one on a permanent basis.

There are far too many dogs that have endured a life of suffering, who desperately need to feel loved in a stable home environment. Your kindness will make an enormous difference to their rehabilitation. Not only in the physical sense, but their emotional wellbeing too.

If you can provide one to one care for a dog, for anything from a few days, to a few months, then you will be helping them to get ready for a second chance at happiness in their forever home.

All Dogs Matter

Home from Home scheme: caring for a homeless hound until we find their forever home 

The Freedom Project: fostering a dog belonging to a family fleeing domestic abuse until they can be reunited.

Volunteer for the Freedom Project


There are two types of fostering roles at the RSPCA:

  • Fosterers for animals ready to be rehomed.
  • Fosterers for case animals while legal proceedings take place.


  • Battersea tend to have either Staffordshire Bull Terriers or Greyhounds who need fostering.



All Dogs Matter

Rehabilitating and rehoming the many abandoned dogs that come in everyday


There are two types of fostering roles at the MAYHEW:

  • Animals undergoing medical treatment and assessments in preparation for their permanent home.
  • Animals on their Pet Refuge programme.
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Dog charities

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