London Dog Family


The Very Begining

It all began with a little dog.
A very little dog.

I was walking in Gunnersbury Park and Rocky my chihuahua was playing with his best friend Fynn, a very handsome King Charles Cavalier. The pair of them have an impenetrable bromance, that’s really very sweet.

On this occasion however, the pair of them shot off into the sunset together. Re-call went down the toilet as the air was rich with the smell of a pretty female on heat – so much more exciting than a good old fashioned treat!

That story told, it made me wonder what I would do if Rocky went off and never came back.  Of course he’s microchipped and always wears an ID tag outdoors, but I wanted something else with more immediate action to keep him from harm.

As we rounded up our delinquents, the idea came to me.   

If everybody that walked their dog in Gunnersbury Park got to know each other and their dogs, it would make it safer for our dogs should they run off or get lost.  We’d all keep a watchful eye, and the dogs would protect their friends.  As a community we would feel safer on our dog walks, especially in the winter months.

So there it was, the start of the Facebook group, Gunnersbury Park Dog Family.  

Since that day, I have come to know many dog parents, and the group has grown into a wonderful hub for dog parents of Gunnersbury Park. It covers all things relating to Park that affect our dogs as well as all the usual banter, tips, advice and dog walks. Should anyone lose sight of their dog or come across one, the group is usually the first port of call. I’m happy to say that through the group we have reunited quite a number of dogs with their owners.

It has brought people together that otherwise would never have spoken and created a lovely atmosphere within the park, as well as some +fantastic friendships between both humans & dogs.

What Came Next

What about the other parks?

With the unexpected popularity of The Gunnersbury Park Dog Family, my son said to me, “what about the other parks?”

“I couldn’t possibly cope with all of those,” I replied.

“There’s something in this,” he said,” you should do it.”

What that “something was” I didn’t know, but five minutes later, without further thought, I created the second group.

London Dog Family

10 minutes later, I thought, “Now what?”

While I was dragging my heels, I was approached by the park management about putting on a dog show at Gunnersbury Park. 

In June 2019 The Gunnersbury Fun Park Dog Show was the first project for London Dog Family. A very successful event enjoyed by over 1000 people, with the kind and much aprreciated help of volunteers from our groups.

Now London Dog Family represents All Things Dog. Our Facebook Group is growing with lots of lovely like minded dog parents from London, the surrounding area and around the UK. 

The good dog parent guide and directory, still in it’s infancy, is a work in progress. I hope that this website will become the go to place for all things dog and that you will find it both useful and informative.

So, it’s all go here, and anything could happen next – my little Rocky has a lot to answer for!