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Have you ever thought of sponsoring a dog as a gift for someone? For dog lovers everywhere, this is one of the most thoughtful present you could give.

When you sponsor a dog, you get a lovely welcome pack with a photo of the puppy or dog you’ve choosen to sponsor, and updates through the year of their progress. Some of the charities also send a cuddly toy, emails or have facebook groups for you to keep an eye on the progress of your sponsored dog.

Whatever your reason, this is a great way to make a comittment to a dog, without having to do so on a daily basis and you’ll be making a fantastic contribution to their lives.

You can make payments by direct debit for your choosen amount to the dog welfare charity.

If you don’t fancy a financial obligation like this, you can always sponsor a dog with  a one off payment.

A guide dog for the blind

If you choose to sponsor a guide dog for the blind, you will be helping to transform the life of a person with sight loss. You will be contributing for puppy food, dog training and veterinary bills.

Hearing dogs for deaf people

Sponsor a hearing dog for deaf people and you will be contributing to all the training a dog requires, so they can help a deaf person, reconnect with life again.

Support dogs

By sponsoring support dogs, you will be contributing to the training of autism assistance dogs, seizure alert dogs for people with epilepsy and disability assistance dogs, aswell as supporting all the life changing support dog partnerships across the UK.


Donating towards the veterinary and health care of a dog that is sick, ill or injured – protecting and healing pets with the PDSA.

If you choose to sponsor a dog you will be helping either an abandoned or unwanted dog, to be cared for with everything it needs, while they wait for their forever home.

By sponsoring a dog kennel, you will be helping the rescue to give an abandoned, unwanted or lost dog a warm and safe home, until it is rehomed.

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